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Information for investing:
  1. GENSharesToken (ERC20) -
  2. Presale (min 40 ETH, start 25/11/2017 end 24/12/2017) -
  3. ICO (min 0,1 ETH, start 25/12/2017 end 31/01/2018) -
  4. GitHub -
Recommended GAS: 200000, GAS PRICE - 21 Gwei.
Description of the ICO:

Only 64 000 000 Genshares (gen) released on the Ethereum platform, indicative value 250 GEN = 1 ETH

Distribution: 10% to developers, 4% to bounty, 2% to consultants, and 84% to investors. The unused genshares after ICO will be terminated.

After the ICO end, at any convenient time, but no later than December 31, 2019 each holder of the genshares may exchange them for untagged gentokens, at the rate of 1:1.

Pre ICO start 01:00 gmt 25/11/2017 end 23:00 gmt 24/12/2017

Minimum amount for participation - 40 ETH

1st week +50%

2nd week +40%

3rd and 4th week +35%

ICO start 01:00 gmt 25/12/2017 end 00:00 gmt 31/01/2018

Minimum amount for participation - 0.1 ETH

1st week 30%

2nd week 10%

3rd and 4th week at par 250 GEN = 1 ETH

Large investors - from EUR 100,000

At a one-time investment, the buy-back option of GEN GROUP LTD is provided at nominal cost. The payment may be made to GEN GROUP LTD's bank account (Belize)

The first investor gets the options according to the amount of investment:

from EUR 100,000 EUR to EUR 200,000, the buy-back option for 0.1% of shares for USD 50.

from EUR 200,000 EUR to EUR 500,000, the buy-back option for 0.5% of shares for USD 250.

from EUR 500,000 EUR to EUR 1,000,000, the buy-back option for 1.5% of shares for USD 750.

The second investor, for each investment category, gets options less than the first one by 20%. The third investor - less than the second by 20%, etc.

Under all conditions, no more than 18% of the shares are available.

The number of tokens and other conditions are fixed on the invoice date. Purpose of payment: "marketing services"

We cannot promise or guarantee any revenue, financial gain, or any other advantages from participation in the ICO. GEN GROUP LTD., all its employees and representatives will not be held legally or financially liable for any damage, financial or other losses caused by the participation (as well as by the decision not to participate) in the ICO of private persons and business acting under any jurisdiction.